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Date to Date Calculator Calculates the time duration between two given dates.
Size: 212 KB
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time date Difference Date Difference date calculation  
Persian Date Tool (formerly Persian Date And Time) A useful application that was especially created to help you convert dates between the Persian date for...
Size: 831 KB
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Date A simple program that shows the number of days remaining until a certain event
Size: 1.1 MB
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time date Time Countdown Countdowner remaining  
J-Date A Julian Date calculator that displays the corresponding Julian Date for the selected Gregorian Date. A common calendar interface makes J-Date easy and productive to use.
Size: 1,544K
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date convert date date format date converter file date  
Date V6 Vista gadget that will add to the Sidebar or to your desktop a calendar and an analog clock
Size: 4.5 MB
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time calendar vista gadget date analog clock  
Digi Date This Google gadget displays the current date and week day
Size: 6.96K
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calendar date display date desktop date Google gadget  

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Photo Watermark Maker This software can add the watermarks, copyright sign, text, logos and dates to multiple photos or images in the batch mode!
Size: 1.38 MB
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add batch text logo multiple watermarks copyright date to  
UNIX TimeStamp Converter To quickly convert a date into a Unix TimeStamp string and the other way around use the Unix TimeStamp Converter Opera widget
Size: 221 KB
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convert date unix timestamp date converter opera widget  
SoftwareShield System License Manager Software Licensing and Copy Protection system for software developers (Win32)
Size: 30.9 MB
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copy date copy protection licensing System expiration date  
Crossbrowser Javascript calendar Crossbrowser Javascript - cool Javascript calendar that gives your users a visual way to put dates into form fields
Size: 16 KB
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calendar javascript date date format Analyze JavaScript  
The Expert Calendar Allows to connect to a Event Item List and display event items in a small design customizable calendar with links to the events
Size: 78 KB
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Event Handler item list calendar event book event  
MA Clock A simple desktop clock that will show the time and date.
Size: 10 KB
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clock time show time date desktop clock Show Date  

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WhatDate What date? is a simple, freeware date calculator for Windows. Enter a date and interval and press calculate to find any date in the future or past. What Date will recognize any date format which Windo...
Size: 1.0 MB
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date unixtime to date Hijiri date date atributes  
Free File Date Checker Sometimes we need to see the file creation date or modification date, last access date. You can use this tool to check file creation date, modified date, accessed date. You will simply need to choose ...
Size: 179 KB
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viewer checker date Check Date Date Viewer view date  
Carfey Date Carfey date provides you with a simple Java library that you can use to replace java.util's Date and Calendar classes. Carfey Date only supports the Gregorian calendar, allows date formatting and come...
Size: 16 KB
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Java library time calendar date Date Class calendar class  
Date Addition Helper for Windows 8 Date Addition Helper allows you to quickly find out what the date will be given a desired amount of years and days. It used for figuring out the date of events. It features calculate the date and can ...
Size: -
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Baby Due Date Calculator Baby Due date Calculator is a simple application for Windows 8. Baby Due Date Calculator will display the Due Date, Conception Date, and Date ranges for each Trimester. Simply input your typical Cycle...
Size: -
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Advanced Date Time Calculator Advanced date Time Calculator is an easy to use application that was designed in order to provide you with a simple means of converting date and time, calculating differences between dates and many mo...
Size: 608773
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calculator calendar time converter date converter